We are writing you today to share some exciting news about our future.

Since 2005, Ruralwave has committed to providing you with reliable Internet services and affordable options. This week, we have taken an important step to ensure your needs continue to be met, Ruralwave has signed an agreement to become a subsidiary of Rogers Communications.

As we join the Rogers family, great things are coming to our customers like you. Rogers is a leading Canadian telecommunications company and we are confident that this partnership will help Ruralwave to continue to grow, improve services, and connect more communities.

Rogers has committed to retaining our strong local presence and all our existing staff members will join the Rogers team. The Ruralwave team and their knowledge of the communities they serve are a key reason for our success, and Rogers does not want to change that. Rogers investment in our network and services will position our local communities to have the latest technologies now, and in the future. We look forward to growing together to continue providing the best services and experience that you have come to expect from our dedicated team.

We know you have questions about what this means for you and your local communities. To help answer these questions, please visit our website: https://ruralwave.ca/updates/. If you have additional questions or need more information, we will continue to be here to help you.

We hope you will join us as we come together as one family and start our new adventure!

Dan Risebrough Barns

Ron McKenzie
Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
Rogers Communications

Why is Ruralwave joining Rogers?

Both Rogers and Ruralwave recognize how important it is to deliver dependable, high-speed rural Internet connectivity. There are significant opportunities to connect more residents in local communities and offer the latest technology now and into the future. Together, Ruralwave and Rogers will work to maintain the great work that is already being done and provide support and resources for investment to serve more customers.

When will Rogers take ownership of Ruralwave?

As of September 30, 2020, Ruralwave is officially a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers. Daily operations will continue to be managed by the Ruralwave team.

Will any Ruralwave employees lose their jobs?

There is no impact to any Ruralwave jobs. All employees will continue their employment with Rogers.

Will the company still be called Ruralwave?

Yes, the company will continue to be called Ruralwave.

When will Ruralwave customers have the option to get Rogers Ignite services?

Our first priority is to ensure a seamless transition for the Ruralwave employees and customers. We look forward to bringing Rogers leading IPTV services, including Ignite TV to Ruralwave customers in the future.

How will these changes impact my current services?

There are no immediate plans to make any changes to your services. You will continue to receive the great services that you do today from the Ruralwave team.

Who do I contact for support related to any issues or questions regarding my service?

The Ruralwave team is still here to support you with anything you need. Please continue to reach out the same ways you do now.

I already have Rogers Wireless. Can I bundle this plan with my Ruralwave services moving forward?

At this time, your Rogers Wireless plan will continue to be separate from your Ruralwave services. We will make sure to update you about any changes well in advance.