Ignite TV

To order Ignite TV, please contact Ruralwave.

For more information about Ignite TV, please visit the Rogers website or YouTube channel


Discover the ultimate entertainment experience

Enjoy all the entertainment you want, the way you want it with Ignite TV.

As a Ruralwave TV customer, you’ll get these additional features when you move to Ignite TV with Rogers

  • Swap TV channels regularly
  • Built in apps like Netflix, YouTube and Sports
  • A huge HD On Demand library
  • Wireless set top boxes for HD and 4K
  • Whole Home PVR
  • Voice Activated Remote

Ruralwave TV Packages

Elite Package $120

GO Apps are now included. Watch TV on your mobile phone, tablet or another internet device.

Advanced Package $90

Essentials Package $65

Sports Package Add-On $35

Air Stream Package $70

Basic Package $25

Movie Package Add-On $35