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Outages & Planned Maintenance.

Due to this winter weather please expect possible outages. We will send technicians on-site when it is deemed safe. Please check back for updates. 

Which Type Of Internet Do You Have?

We need ever-increasing speeds as we become more and more dependent on the Internet in our daily lives. From casual use surfing the net, watching and downloading movies, sharing the net with family members, and even powering your business from home, Ruralwave can provide the connectivity you need using a variety of available technologies including WIFI, Cable, and Fibre Optic Cable.

Wireless Internet uses radio waves to send and receive internet data instead of radio sounds or TV pictures. But, unlike radio and TV, it is typically used to send signals only over relatively short distances with low-power transmitters via towers to small dishes located at your home or property. The height of the receiver is important for the best signal and performance.

Cable Internet uses cable TV infrastructure to transmit data.  This type of connection is normally brought to your neighbourhood via fibre and then distributed the last 300 to 500 meters via coaxial cable.  Typically this will provide 900Mb to 2GB of shared bandwidth per node. Pricing for copper is now more expensive than fibre for new builds and normally leads providers to install optical fibre cable over traditional coaxial, and existing cable lines still provide excellent service.

Fiber Optic Internet uses advanced light technology via strands of glass that transmit data at the speed of light. This allows data to be sent faster over greater distances. The data is sent from a network operations centre over a single fibre to a neighbourhood where it is split into multiple homes. Fibre has the advantage of high upload speeds over coaxial. Much like cable networks the split ratio varies but can normally end up with 16 to 20 homes sharing 1.5GB of data.

What plans are available in your area?

Check our Coverage map to see what plans are available in your area. In some cases, there may be more than one type of service to choose from.

How fast is the Ruralwave broadband connection?

The Ruralwave network is built with multi point to point routing and fail safe redundant paths to provide the ultimate Rural Internet experience.  

The Ruralwave network can provide Internet (broadband) speeds to your home (residential connection) up to 250MB.  

We also offer synchronous business connections 250MB up and down.  

Our resilient fibre network also has the ability to deliver 10GB commercial services.  

We have several packages to suit your needs, contact a Ruralwave Sales Representative for the Internet package that is right for you.







SATELLITE – Wireless signal bounced from space

2-10 Mb/s*

Dependent on fair, clear weather, & clear shot path with low foliage

Supports: Internet & TV

Not offered at Ruralwave. Used for comparison only

WIRELESS – Signal from tower

5-50 Mb/s*

Dependant on clear path, & low foliage

Supports: Internet, Phone, & AirStreamTV


CABLE – Fibre to the Node, Coaxial to the Home

10-250 Mb/s*

Consistent, Some areas with poor power grids may experience outages

Supports: Internet, TV,  Phone, & AirStreamTV


FIBRE – Fibre optic to the home

25- 500 Mb/s*

Consistent, Powered from Network Ops Centre

Supports: Internet, TV, Phone, & AirStreamTV, supports all


DEDICATED FIBRE – Direct to your home, Point to Point from Ops

1 GB – 10 GB/s*

Consistent, Powered from Network Ops Centre

Supports: Internet, TV, Phone, & AirStreamTV, supports all

Price must be quoted*

What type of technology is used?

Since 2003 Ruralwave has operated our rural network via fixed wireless with now over 120 ground based microwave tower sites in Ontario.  But that is not the only option for our customers since 2015 we have started to wholly own and operate a Hybrid Fibre Cable network to provide even more rural capacity and speed to our customers.    In 2014 we added Fibre to the home on our list of available connections and have continued to increase the network coverage.  We do not depend on other companies for air time, we do not resell any network connections.  We do not use satellites.  When you wholly own your network you can provide the best solution and most reliable connection for our customers.


Do you throttle or traffic shape?

We do not filter traffic nor traffic shape. We do enforce a fair use policy to make sure no one person is using abnormally high amounts of bandwidth

How does your service compared to my current connection?

Depending on the type of connection you currently have you can get a number of different comparisons to the Ruralwave experience.  

Ruralwave’s  wireless Internet network operates up to 50MB/s download speeds

Ruralwave’s cable Internet network up to 250MB/s download speeds

Ruralwave’s  fibre Internet network up to 10GB/s download speeds

Run a speed test by visiting this website and call Ruralwave to discuss an Internet solution that is right for your need

How do I run an Internet speed test?

Run an Internet speed test by visiting this website 

Can I bring my own device or router?

We provide an option where you can bring your own device but we highly recommend our Whole Home Managed service as it will be guaranteed to be able to handle the increased speeds. Consumer-grade routers generally can not. With our Whole Home Router service, you are guaranteed to get your entire home covered with wireless if you wish to have it all covered!  You get firmware and security updates for free.  If your device dies it is replaced for free.  We can also troubleshoot the connection to our end device unlike if you BYOD then we can only troubleshoot the point of entry to your home.  If you purchase our TV service you will need to rent or purchase our set-top boxes (STB), similar to our phone services since they are digital phones your old analog phones will not work.

How fast of an Internet connection do I need?

This question is totally dependent on your usage.  A typical household with 2 devices streaming at the same time will normally use 25MB/s on those devices.  As you add more streaming devices and home users you can double or triple your usage.  Online gaming, video conferences, cloud storage and graphical transfers all require high data rates to transfer info faster.  If you factor 25MB per active device in your home that generally is a good rule of thumb

Will I get 1GB speeds to my home?

Currently, our fibre network will support these packages and we have the capacity to sell them on our network with no issues.  If you want our GIG packages please contact  These packages are available to our FTTH customers now.  We can do a custom solution on wireless if you need these speeds as well but unfortunately, it is not as cost-effective as our FTTH solution.  We also provide 10Gb dedicated fibre to our commercial clients if desired.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

Ruralwave offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our Internet, TV and Phone services.

What options do I have for in home service distribution?

Our standard brings your own device plan allows you to connect your home network and maintain your own service connections in the home.  There are several ways to do this, you can use Wifi, or Cat5 cables if your home is prewired.  There are also wireless extenders and power over ethernet options.  Ruralwave also provides extension options to the barn or shop if required you can get a price from for these items.  Ruralwave offers a fully managed home network for those who do not wish to operate their own home network.  Our Whole Home service offers wireless coverage and caved service in your home for a monthly charge.  It covers security updates and we also troubleshoot to the end device like your phone or laptop.  This option is great for a worry-free surfing experience.

How does the broadband connection come to my house?

We offer several ways to connect to our broadband network.  Our sales staff are happy to let you know which services are in your area. 

Our rural fixed wireless solution provides a connection via a fixed radio on the highest point on your home or a location with a direct line of site to our fixed wireless towers in your area which is connected to our ultrafast fibre network. 

Our cable service connects from our ultrafast fibre network to a “node” along your road which converts that signal to coaxial cable and delivers it to your home. 

Our fibre network is delivered from our ultrafast fibre network to a splitter box where it is connected to the fibre that goes direct to your home.  

All of these solutions can provide you with broadband internet access and services from Ruralwave.

When will my cable to my house be buried?

In most cases in the winter when we install our services to your home on our Cable or Fibre network we are unable to bury the cable in the ground.  Generally in March the ground in Ontario becomes soft enough to install the cable.  Our service technicians will request a locate from Ontario 1 call and then proceed to your home to bury the cable.  This generally takes about 4 weeks to catch up from the winter months.  In the spring to fall months we will be able to bury the cable as soon as the locates are in for your property.  

We cannot bury the service cable until we have a locate in place; it is the law.  If you would like an update on your burial please contact your Ruralwave sales representative.

Will the service still be fast when there are a lot of subscribers?

Most Internet access technologies use some sort of shared infrastructure. In wireless systems, this capacity very tightly managed to provide the top quality service.  Ruralwave does not allow our sites to get overloaded.  When we reach a 70% capacity we increase our capacity on the site using more access points or additional backhauls to our fibre network.  This is also true with our cable and fibre networks.  

Ruralwave uses several network monitoring tools to always make sure we have enough capacity to provide our customers the ultimate experience.  All residential services for Ontario service providers are “shared” at some point in the network.  Even fibre to the home networks are shared using splitters to PON port on an edge device.  The difference in how the ISP controls the sharing of the medium whether it is wireless, cable or fibre makes the difference for the user.  At Ruralwave we use leading edge technology to manage our network and therefore provide the best services possible.  With the addition of our Whole Home program we have taken that even further, we support to your end device.  Making sure you have the best Internet connection possible.

We cannot bury the service cable until we have a locate in place; it is the law.  If you would like an update on your burial please contact your Ruralwave sales representative.

What happens if there is an issue?

Ruralwave has technicians monitoring our Internet network 24/7, 365 days a year. We are often notified far before an issue reaches your home, farm or business.  

In the event a technician is needed to repair your location please contact our helpdesk at or via our customer portal.

If there is an issue that is impacting a group of customers – such as a power outage, we will post the information on Ruralwave’s social media accounts. You can follow Ruralwave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

What Is IPv6?

IPv6 is the next generation of Internet Protocol addresses.  It is like your address on the web.  Ruralwave is a wholly owned network and we have our own blocks of IPv4 and IPv6.  IPv4 is very difficult to obtain now as the internet has expanded greatly with IoT devices.  IPv6 is the next wave of addresses.  We support both addresses on our network.  This is great because it allows more devices in your home to not have a NAT’d experience and talk directly on the net without having your router translate for you.  This improves gaming and streaming.

Can I use my old phone?

Ruralwave’s phone service uses digital IP handsets.  For the best experience and troubleshooting we require our devices in order to support your experience.

Can I bring my own Digital TV set-top box?

Our services require a Ruralwave set-top box (STB).  You can rent or purchase a set-top box from Ruralwave.  We cannot use any other box, however, an exchange program may apply to you.  Please contact to find out.  Each television set will require its own set-top box.

Can I get an email account?

Yes for sure, each package includes email addresses. The number of email addresses depend on your package. Contact to learn more.

Can I Limit Family Member Access?

Ruralwave offers a Kids Wifi add on for our Whole Home service which allows you to setup access times, limit access to certain sites and fully configure your Internet access.  

What are your support options for my service?
Ruralwave is a multi-service provider.  We offer Internet service, TV service, Phone Service, and home network support.  Each package has its own limitations.  For example, if you purchase an Internet service plan we will support your connection to the point of entry to your home.  OR our POE.  If you purchase Ruralwave’s Whole Home service we will support to your end device, IE phone or computer.  Unfortunately, we cannot support computer or phone / tablet hardware.  The support will be limited to the services we provide, for example, internet connection or TV service.  We offer several options to extend support in your home or office, contact for details.
Do you offer a referral program?
Yes, Ruralwave offers a referral plan. Send an email to with the name, address and phone number and when they sign up for Internet, TV or Phone, you receive a free month.
Do I need any phone lines?
No. Ruralwave can save you money and rural connection fees from the phone provider as our phone service is digital, over the Internet.
Can we keep our local phone numbers?
Yes you can keep your current phone number when switching to Ruralwave. This service is called “porting” and there is a porting fee we need to recover in order to do this, can help you.
Does Ruralwave provide Satellite Internet or TV
We do not provide satellite services. Ruralwave provides Internet and TV via Fibre, Cable and Wireless.
What Is Broadband Internet?
Broadband Internet includes serval types of connection media including Fixed Wireless, Fibre and Cable solutions. All offer high speed Internet service. Ruralwave provides Fixed Wireless,  Fibre Internet and Cable Internet.  Check out our coverage map for details here.
Can I Add TV To My Wireless Internet?
Yes, Ruralwave offers AirStreamTV. For more information about adding TV to your current Internet subscription, visit: 
I Have A Seasonal Cottage/Trailer - Can I Get TV & Internet For The Summer Only?

Yes, Ruralwave offers flexible packages for the summer – in fact we supply cable and wireless Internet to many seasonal campgrounds including:

Goreski’s Landing on Lake Scugog

How can I find a local internet service provider near me?

You can find a local internet service provider via this Government of Canada website: 

Our neighbourhood would like to pay to have Fibre brought to us - what is the process?

We have a community Fibre build program details can be found by starting here at 

Our neighbourhood would like to have wireless Internet - where do we start?

Contact us at and we can check to see if you are in our coverage area.

I am working from home - how can I get faster Internet?

Call Ruralwave to discuss what Internet package is right for you.

My Internet speed is very slow - how can I fix it?

Check the package you subscribe to, it may be that you’ve added a Google Home device (or devices), Alexa or other technology that requires faster download and upload speeds. Contact and we can help you with your package selection.u.