Jamieson is responsible for and has many roles within Ruralwave. During the busy construction months you would normally see Jamieson on heavy equipment, digging in or splicing our Fibre Internet Network.  During the winter months you may see him climbing internet tower sites and rigging equipment.  He is one of the team of 20 enabling Ruralwave to build our ultrafast Rural Internet Fibre and Wireless Internet Network.  Jamieson may have one of the most flexible jobs at Ruralwave when your work space is at 200 feet above the ground or 4 feet in the ground, he is making the connections to keep those packets flowing.  Jamieson goes above and beyond to assist his colleagues and hands down keeps a cool head during high stress situations.  During the pandemic Jamieson stayed on the job to help keeping you and your family connected to the things you love building our next generation of the Ruralwave Ultra Fast Internet Network.

 We want to say thanks for all you do!

Our office is open to customers and continue to ensure our support ability and quality of service you all expect.  Our teams are committed to delivering our essential services during this increased time of need.