Why Choose Rural Wave?

  • 100% Canadian

  • Family business

  • 100% Local support staff

  • No sub contractors

  • Supports local businesses

  • Over 200 Access Points & Growing

  • 24/7 System Monitoring

  • Local technical support


Proud Member of CNOC www.cnoc.ca The objectives of the CNOC are:

  1. To represent the interests of those bodies corporate in Canada that own or operate wireline networks, in whole or in part, and are involved in the competitive provision of communications services to the public over those networks;
  2. To promote innovation and productivity in Canada, as well as Canada’s international competitiveness through the removal of barriers to increased competition in the provision of communications services;
  3. To influence the development of laws and regulations, regulatory and judicial determinations, as well as public policy affecting communications in Canada;
  4. To be the recognized and visible authority on the Canadian provision of competitive communications services;
  5. To ensure that high levels of knowledge, training and ethics are adopted by Canadian competitive communications service providers;
  6. To increase the level of competitive communications services business in the Canadian economy.


Proud Member of CanWISP www.canwisp.ca About CanWISP Our members deliver voice, video, and data connectivity to rural and exurban communities across Canada to ensure all Canadians have access to our interconnected world.  We work and live in the communities we serve – we are responsive and responsible.

CANWISP works with stakeholders to ensure that spectrum, which is a public resource, is used in the most efficient and beneficial manner for all Canadians.

CANWISP develops and promotes best practices within government and industry.

  • Secured meetings with Industry Canada to discuss the needs of WISPs for affordable spectrum
  • Contributed to the White Space technical committee with Industry Canada
  • WISP Code of Ethics
  • Associate status with WISPA