Ruralwave internet is always working on widening their coverage area, and are excited to announce they will be seeking additional funds from the Federal Connecting Rural Canadians program. To support expansion of networks to even the most remote locations 

Ruralwave has always strived to provide high speed internet in locations that are unserviceable with conventional hard-lines and have obtained a coverage area of over 10,000 square kilometers in the central Ontario area. With additional support through the Connecting Rural Canadians Program, the possibilities are vast.

We have identified areas within Durham Region, The City of Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland County that have been specified as under serviced by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network project” Said Dan Barnes, CEO & Operations manager at Ruralwave Internet.

The Federal Connecting Rural Canadians program aims to help internet service providers extend their networks to under serviced areas. When the program took place between 2009-2012 it supported the delivery of high-speed internet to 218,000 previously unserved households. The program is now aiming to bring service to 280,000 currently unserved households by 2017.

“ If we receive funds from the Connecting Rural Canadians program we could bring service to over 6400 households that currently have no internet access”, said Dan Barnes.