Welcome to the Rural Wave presign program. You can add your name to the presign list to qualify for pricing specials and installation rates during the construction/installation period for Fibre services coming soon or currently being being launched in your area

Enjoy the benefits of truly high speed  Fibre Optic internet services such as:.

• Unlimited Data plans and speeds up to 1Gb/s*
• Download and stream whatever you want whenever you want.
• No more weather related service disruptions.
• Increase the value of your home by $3000 to $5000*.
• Work from home so you have more time for yourself.
• Use your current modem/router*
• Perfect for multiple users, on-line gaming and video streaming
• HD Digital TV plans with up to 99+ channels
• Digital phone services (VOIP)
• Future ready for new technologies

To be added to the list or If you have any questions please use the form to the right
If you participate in this survey you are under no obligation. If you have already pre-signed we thank you and look forward to being your Internet Service Provider very soon.

* Increased home values may vary depending on your specific situation and location. Most modern routers are compatible with FTTH services. Check with our technicians at Rural Wave to see if there may be a better alternative depending on your intended usage.

FibreNet Pre sign

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