Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ruralwave?

Ruralwave currently offers reliable, affordable broadband internet connection, TV, and phone services to Rural and Semi Urban Ontario.  As well as offering Top of the Line internet services, we provide Hot Spots internet access for tourist and campground locations around our coverage area. Ruralwave operates over 100 transmission towers in Ontario, and four Network Operation Centres. Ruralwave also runs an effective project management team that has extensive experience and expertise in many fields of networking and broadband roll outs.  With vast coverage and sate of the art equipment Ruralwave puts an Internet’s worth of information in your hands at all times.  From email to video streaming, it is as easily as a click of a mouse. Ruralwave makes life easier. Once you try Ruralwave, there’s no going back!

How fast is the connection?

The Ruralwave network is built with multi point to point routing and fail safe redundant paths to provide the ultimate Rural Internet experience.  The Ruralwave network can provide up to 10MB of download/upload speed on a point to multipoint connection and in most areas over 30MB of Dedicated Point to Point direct fiber access for the dedicated customer.  Offering flexible data packages over 10 times what is available from cellular modems/plans ranging from 45GB up to 500GB. From the Residential home user to the Dedicated Industrial packages Ruralwave has a full line of services to meet your needs.

What type of technology is used?

Ruralwave operates over 100 ground based microwave tower sites in Ontario.  We do not depend on other companies for air time or use satellites for our connection as many other Internet Service Providers do, we use a technology called Fixed Wireless. 

Do you throttle or traffic shape?

We do not filter traffic nor traffic shape. We do enforce bandwidth limits and a fair use policy. Each package has its own monthly bandwidth limits.  See our packages for data transfer package info.

Monthly Bandwidth Limit?

Yes, We do apply a bandwidth limit, based on your package. Check your subscribed package for details.  We provide a customer portal so you can manage your monthly usage and offer low cost solutions to upgrading or adding more data transfer to your packages if you are getting close to the limit.  You also have the option of using the pay as you go option if you go over your allotted data transfer.

Is the connection consistent?

We do strive to keep and maintain a consistent connection. From time to time speeds may vary a little, but nothing significant, or unusable. With that being said, extreme weather is an exception.  Be sure to keep in mind our techs are always monitoring our tower and access points.  99% of the time if there is an outage, we know before you do.  Our network status is posted on our Facebook page at  Like us to keep up to date with network changes and information!

Am I safe? Is the connection secure?

Ruralwave has gone through long and hard efforts to ensure that our wireless signal is 100% secure. We use top of the line Encryption . This encryption is the same strength that banks and financial institutes use. Our network is 100% secure.  Keep in mind, that your computer should always have an up to date virus checker and kept in tip top shape for the net.  Your internet experience is only as good as the equipment you use to surf.   Have your local computer tech check our your computer and keep it safe and your data secure.  Ruralwave offers Backup services for your important data, contact your Sales Rep for details.

Is the service any good for gaming?

Our network is great for gaming. With latency between 20 – 90ms depending on where you are located, and with the high speed we provide makes your gameing console or computer 100% possible on the Ruralwave network.  Unlike Satellite your latency is much much lower and you can leave your lag behind with your old provider!

What does the equipment look like? Bulky? Eyesore?

Our equipment is far from an eye sore. In some instances is a small white solid panel, or in instances of far distance from a tower, it essentially looks like an ovenrack with a pole in the middle of the rack, about a 3 feet in size.  Check out your Tech for a Day video to see some of the install equipment we use.

Do you need a router?

We will provide you the end of the live wire that brings in the internet.You will need to have a router in order for your internet connection to authenticate to our system. We also sell high end commercial routers at $100.00.  Or you can purchase a Cisco router at your local computer/big box store and we will setup during your install.  If you want to add our Router Protection plan we will actively monitor your router and provide a warranty on the device, contact your Sales Agent for details.

Is it affected by lightning?

Weather does not have a major effect on our service. Only types of weather that really impact the signal is wet big snow flakes or heavy freezing rain. Everything else you should expect your signal to remain top notch. From time to time, our towers do get hit by lightning and service may be interrupted do to lightning strike, but such is life of things that stick up in the air so far!  Keep in mind, we will have our riggers and service techs on site to repair as soon as it is safe!

Am I eligible for the service?

Send us a request for a free site survey and we’ll come on out and meter your property to see if we can get you hooked up.  Contact your Sales Agent for details and we look forward to getting you service asap!

Downtime Resolution Guarantee.

Upon a discovered outage, we do strive to provide a resolution to you, and the tower, within 24 hours time permitting weather allows us to safely work on the tower.  All issues should be resolved within 24 hours from notification. If an ongoing outage continues we will work one on one with the customer to ensure 100% satisfactory results.